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Improved flexibility, strengthened mindful behavior, enhanced balance, and body awareness. These are just some of the benefits to establishing a regular yoga and meditation practice .

"When you find something you love, there is no bigger rush! I have tried many,many yoga studios and styles and just never seemed to connect. Her classes focus on form and she takes the time to teach proper alignment and techniques. She understands that yoga is a personal journey and is there to help with guidance and encouragement. Her classes are not the crazy "power" yoga where you sweat a gallon and feel dizzy. Nor are they the hot yoga variety where you go into a sauna to try to not faint during warrior 1. Her classes are how I dreamed a yoga class would be: challenging but still within my reach and abilities. Her guidance is allowing me to grow in the practice and become stronger with each flow."

Monica . H

"I've been to many yoga studios and I've been through many yoga instructors. Then I my friend took me to Lara's class and my yoga life began in a very positive and inspirational way. Lara is an amazing teacher. She is patient and truly cares about her student. Every class that she teaches is different but always with the same passion for teaching us. I love going to her classes, especially after a long day at work. Her classes can be challenging but once you finish that one class, you will feel refreshed. The environment and pace that she works with is just perfect."

C .D

"I was lucky to find Laura while I was in town. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and always with a smile she helped me so much with my yoga technique and I look forward to being out that way again soon I highly recommend her class!"

Li .L

"I'm SO HAPPY that Lara is back teaching at Fred Segal! She was far and away the best teacher from when this studio was open previously. If you're new to yoga, she's extremely attentive and will teach you how to practice properly. The lessons I've learned with her, I've been able to incorporate into my practice in other studios. I am thrilled I can take her classes again at Fred Segal!"


"I've known Lara for more than 1.5 year. She is the best yoga instructor I've known so far. She is a dedicated teacher who helps you during the class with small adjustments if you desire. Each class with her is a new experience for your body and for your mind. Even if I come to the class exhausted, I know it is worth it as I'll be rested with cleared mind afterwards. She is the best!!!"

Ellie K.

"Lara is an amazing teacher and an inspiration! She has a genuine interest in seeing her student progress in their yoga practice, and is extremely instructive in form. I get a great workout every time. I like the environment and pace that Lara creates in the studio. Lara also brings in an element of correlating how yoga practice-- sometimes because it can be challenging, and because of the mind-body connection--can apply to how one may approach situations in day to day life."

Christina H.

"I've been to soooo many yoga studios around Los Angeles, but always ended up disappointed and frustrated by the teachers and/or environment. So often the teachers were super annoying, didn't seem to care and didn't offer any adjustments or help. There's also a trend of playing loud pop music during yoga, which kind of works against the whole thing. Then, through a friend, I found Lara. She's one in a million (probably literally!). Her concern for her students is genuine and it shows in every class. Her classes are both restoring and challenging, and she talks to and adjusts her students throughout. I have some neck and lower back issues, and she's very attentive to that and helps me adjust the poses so I don't aggravate them. Her spirit is a big part of what makes the class so wonderful -- she's truly a kind, giving, and caring teacher. It's a rare thing to find a teacher like that, in any subject, but especially yoga. There are so many phonies out there who obviously couldn't care less about their students' learning. Lara is the opposite of that, and her studio has a calm, supportive vibe that I always look forward to. Plus, she makes herself very available to her students, even outside of class. I can't say enough good things about her, which is a big thing for me to say -- I'm super picky about yoga teachers. I almost don't want to write this review because I don't want her classes to get too crowded! But if anyone on yelp ever deserved 5 stars, it's Lara!."

Chandigar Y.

"A hidden gem! a true yogi's dream! whether you're an experienced practitioner or just starting out, Lara's encouraging teaching style caters to each student meeting their own goals. you never have to worry about keeping up because Lara encourages her students challenge themselves and be technically sound at all levels. the BEST yoga class I've ever taken."

Shells T.

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